Architectural Design

HBP Architecture – An HBP-AW2 Company benefits from both the extensive design experience of Architecture Workshop 2 based in Paris, France and the unique project management know how of HBP Project Management in Vietnam. HBP Architecture work is based on an ongoing, pro-active working relationship with the client. We question and re-interpret the project requirements allowing us to generate original ideas and spaces. The emerging concept becomes our standpoint. It is the underlying thread of the design.


Architectural Design

This diversity of persons, projects and places as well as the different conditions encountered has allowed us to develop both an ability to adapt, and a simple but potent approach to design. This approach is based on questioning and understanding the project contexts in order to invent the best possible architectural response. These are the elements that define our identity today.

HBP has established companies in Vietnam, Thailand, & China. Through these companies, we offer our Architectural Design service in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.


Project References

Testimonial - Franco Vietnamese Hospital

"High quality at a low price is being achieved and each contract package has been let below the preliminary cost estimates provided by HBP, which have proven to be very accurate."


Dr Jean Marcel Guillon

General Director