Engineering Design Overview

Each and every element of a project and its successful integration is key to successful project delivery.

A quality structural engineering design of a project is an obvious prerequisite.

Another key element that is often overlooked or under resourced is building services engineering.

HBP’s design teams take care to ensure that a balanced design is produced that pays careful consideration to not just capital cost but the overall life cycle of the Building across all engineering design disciplines.

Buildings account for over 30% of all carbon emissions. As a byproduct of good engineering design that is the culmination of; the integration of all design disciplines, sound environmental principals, careful consideration of the selection of systems and refinement of these systems, HBP’s engineers also play a significant role in the protection of the environment.

HBP has established companies in Vietnam, Thailand, & China. Through these companies, we offer our Engineering Design services in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

Structural & Civil Engineering Design

This encompasses the design of all structural elements from foundation improvement (piling and ground stabilization) through footings to the superstructure of the building and includes roads, bridges, tunnels off shore works and storm water drainage and discharge.

Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic & Fire Engineering Design

Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic & fire engineering designservices are often grouped and are referred to in many different ways around the world.  Common examples of reference terms, taken to mean all building services are:

  • M&E – Mechanical & Electrical;
  • MEP – Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing;
  • Building Services;

At HBP we refer to MEHF or M&E for short and this is taken to mean all of:

  • Mechanical Services Design
  • Electrical Services Design
  • Hydraulic Services Design
  • Fire Services Design


Project References

Testimonial - Megastar Cinemas

"“MegaStar’s association with HBP began with our very first project, Vincom City Towers in Hanoi. Since then we have completed 3 more projects together, with a further 2 due to open at the end of 2008. I have always found your team, both ex-pats and local staff, to be very professional, thorough, and easy to work with. All the projects so far have been completed on time and on budget, no mean feat in Vietnam’s challenging environment.”


lan Riches

Deputy General Manager, Operations and Construction