Fire Protection Design

Fire protection is the mitigation of the effects of potentially harmful and destructive fires through consideration of behavioral patterns, compartmentalization and suppression.

Fire Protection is of upmost importance to the designers at HBP. As such HBP does not deviate from relevant Local and International Standards and Codes. HBP will not compromise the integrity of a design to save cost. HBP provides fire protection design in the following areas:

HBP has established companies in Vietnam, Thailand, & China. Through these companies, we offer our Fire Protection Design services in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

HBP’s Fire Design Services
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Hydrants and Hose Reels
  • Fire Pump Systems
  • Suppression Systems
  • Fire Detection and Alarms
  • Spare Parts
  • Fire Commissioning
  • Routine (Preventative) Fire Maintenance,
    Servicing and Testing

Project References

Testimonial - Saigon Water Park

"Construction began in March, 1997. As time moved on the engagement of HBP showed its worth, as their years of experience with projects in Vietnam proved to be a major asset to Saigon Water Park."


A. Mahony

Genenral Manager