Why Join HBP

HBP Project Management provides competitive remuneration.

We strive to create safe and comfortable working conditions.

We aim to broaden the diversity of capability of our staff through on the job training.

The team spirit of the management and staff of HBP is the the essence of the company. This is nurtured through sporting and R&R activities outside the normal working environment..

A broad range of the experiences is assured through the interrelationships with colleagues of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Staff focus

The Staff of HBP Project Management come from diverse cultural backgrounds. This diversity is also reflected in the range of roles and responsibilities undertaken by them. Opportunities to broaden the experience base of our staff are vast, both professionally and socially.

Our People Are Our Strength

Our people are our strength. Recognizing this great asset, the management of HBP are committed to the protection, nurturing and growth of our staff.