Occupational health and safety is at the base of all of HBP’s management procedures and operational decisions. We are committed to providing all our employees with a safe, healthy and positive working environment.


Safety & Environment Policy

It is the policy of HBP Asia Ltd. that work is to be carried out in a safe manner, and that occupational health and safety is to be regarded as a prerequisite in all Company operations. Safety is the responsibility of all. All employees of HBP Asia Ltd. and its sub-consultants and contractors are charged with the duty of ensuring safety in the workplace. Safety in the Company’s operations shall be developed and maintained by close attention to design, work methods, materials and equipment; and by the proper motivation and training of workers and staff. As a Company we expect and require our employees to use safe work practices and to extend these practices into all construction activities.

Coupled with our concern for the safety of people is our acceptance of joint responsibility with Government agencies and the public to protect and enhance the quality of our environment. This commits us to: selecting materials and construction methods which minimize risk to safety and the environment; training and encouraging employees and contractors to act responsibly in relation to environmental and safety issues; ensuring that we comply with all environmental and safety regulations as a minimum standard; assisting the public in understanding the environmental impact of the projects we control and being proactive in the improvement of energy efficiency in our operations.